My Journey Towards Christ – Testimony Of An Ex Muslim Scholar

Journey towards Christ was never an easy task for a Muslim neither it will be. Abandoning Islam and turning to Christ brings for a person the ostracism by the society, death threats from radicals and above all the abandonment by their own family. But still the love for Christ makes them bear all those sufferings with joy as Pastor Joshua John did. It is amazing to hear that how despite being an Islamic scholar he found Jesus Christ.

He had memorized the entire Quran and he used to perform Islamic rituals in mosque on daily basis. He used to belong to a devoted Muslim family and the environment around him was pure Islamic but when our Lord wants to change someone´s heart He does it. He does it because only He can do it. No matter where we born but when there is a call for us to serve Him, things change drastically and we start walking towards Him without thinking of people´s reaction. Pastor Joshua John´s journey towards Christ can indeed inspire many of those who are still not aware of the true eternal love of Christ. Amen.