Do not seek revenge

Do not seek revenge, do not commit evil in response to evil, or return abuse with more abuse. Instead, seek peace and blessings for those who have committed the evil deeds against you. God’s word teaches us never to seek revenge, and to help others repent for their wickedness. Thus if you want to lead a happy and fulfilled life keep a clear conscience and treat others with kindness, controlling both your words and actions.

This beautiful Christian message teaches us that we should not retaliate when treated badly by another human being, but rather set a good example and always react with kindness.  We should not seek revenge and in its doing so also commit sin, as God will deal with the wrongdoer as He best sees fit. Our Almighty God will always take the necessary action. As Christ’s followers we must leave things in His hands.

The Holy Bible also states that in general you should refrain from lies, fraud, and abusive language, as well as any other acts of sin. Stay virtuous even in difficult situations and you will receive God’s endless love. Amen.