The often asked question, “Why Me?”

A common question people ask themselves is, “Why Me?” They may either have a tragedy or may be something really good happens to them. They look around, they consider the facts, they consider where they are at the blessing they are receiving and they ask the question, “Why Me? Why did I receive this promotion? Why did I get this job? Why did I get this amazing wife? Why do I get to live in such a great country?”

Well, the answer to that question is, “Only God”. And we see time to time again throughout the scriptures that God chooses people and He blesses people and many time their question is, “Why Me?” But if you keep reading their story often times their answer is, “Only God”. And this is expressed through prayer, through worship, through giving their life to God.

And if you are hearing this today you may be asking yourself the question, “Why Me?” as well. You may be even asking why I am even watching this video at this moment. God may be wanting to communicate something to you that His only son Jesus died on the cross for you and for your sins so you can be saved. You may look at the cross, you may look at what Jesus has done for you, and you may ask the same question, “Why Me?” and the only answer is, “Only God”. I would ask you to choose Jesus today. If you look at your life and you consider the blessings and many great things that God has given you, I want you to know that it is only by the grace of God. And He wants your life; He wants you to commit your life to Him, and to praise Him for the rest of your life.