Life as a Missionary

I grew up in a family that prioritized missions. My parents are missionaries. My grandparents were missionaries for over 50 years. So all I have known in my life is missions, missionary work and Church planting overseas.

What I have seen growing up throughout the years though my experience of age is limited all I have ever known is missions. And I have seen is though the message stays the same the form in how we do missions and how we reach people that constantly needs to be changed. But in the form of changing while many people are trying to make Church more relevant, making the Gospel more relevant, using media, using different avenues to reach people. I think that’s great and I think that’s really purposeful. However the message should be what the priority is.

The Gospel doesn’t really need any help by any lights or any human ability. The Gospel itself is the power to save. The Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ coming to the world that itself has power to save and rescue people. So while we consider missions, while we are sending out the missionaries or you may be considering going overseas to reach an unreached people group.

I want to encourage you to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Make that your priority; make that your number one goal. The preliminary things surrounding that is all grey and that can be used to contemporize the Gospel or to contextualizing it. I think that’s all important. But the number one priority, the number one goal, the number one focus should be to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

By Anthony Santiago