Happy Easter 2019

One of the most incredible things that Jesus ever did in His life here on earth was being resurrected from the dead. Was His crucifixion important? Absolutely! it was to forgive our sins and that is an important aspect of the Christian salvation message. However, if Jesus would have remained dead, Christianity itself would have remained dead but it was the power of the resurrection that sparked faith in the disciples and that showed them that because Jesus grace was raised again and Jesus lived after death so His followers who are given the same spirit that rose Christ from the dead will also live eternally with Jesus.

We too now get to experience what Jesus experienced the power of the resurrection. Now the question becomes how do I get that, how do I get the power of resurrection like Jesus have? Well, this is the great time of year to do that as in the Church all over the world celebrates Easter. they celebrate this resurrecting power of Jesus and of His spirit.

You too now have a responsibility to believe in Jesus, to believe that He is God and to believe He was resurrected from the dead. And your belief in Jesus, what that does instantly, supernaturally, is that God fills you with His spirit and that same spirit that rose Christ Jesus from the dead now lives in you as a follower and as a believer in Jesus and so if you are contemplating about becoming a Christian, if you are thinking about it, and if you have questions about it or concerns about it, this is a great time of the year to make that decision. Let us say you know what I’m not just going to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection but I’m going to make that my resurrection because He was raised from the death to life, that me spiritually speaking; I can go now from death to life by the power of His spirit.

That would be my encouragement to you. there is a lot of great things that happen during this time of the year that Churches do. Off course there are plays, there are different movies that are probably shown but more than anything else it boils down to your decision; are you going to believe that Jesus is God that He was raised from the dead, and do you want to receive that same spirit that rose Him from the dead. With that said, I have two words “Happy Easter”.

Pastor Anthony Santiago