Pastor Hizkiel Serosh – A True Servant of Lord Jesus Christ

Pastor Hizkiel Serosh was born in Lahore, Pakistan. After completing his initial studies in Don Bosco School he went on to achieve a B.A.in Music Education from Punjab University, before changing tack to pursue a career in medicine. From 1966-1968 the Pastor worked in the ‘Holy Family Hospital’ in Rawalpindi, however he soon realized that his true calling in life was to carry out God’s work. Consequently he enrolled in the Lahore based bible school of the ‘Full Gospel Assembly of God’ and became one of the pastorate team of the FGAG. Under the leadership and guidance of the late K.L Nasir, Pastor Hizkiel completed his theological studies, and graduated from the Gujranwala Seminary with both a Bachelor degree and Doctorate in Divinity. In 1983 he took gained a further diploma in ‘Ministry in Holy Spirits’ at Rochester Bible College.

As a devout Christian and true man of God, Pastor Hizkiel Serosh was loved and respected by all of Pakistan’s Christian community. He was followed by thousands of preachers, poets, and singers who were inspired by his musical revolution of the Christian faith. For countless worshippers the Pastor’s songs revived their Christian spirit, as they were stirred by the poetry and music his sermons encompassed.

Pastor Hizkiel gained fame through the remarkable and positive influence he held over the lives of Christian people seeking to serve their Lord Christ. His name became known amongst the international community and he received invitations to preach the Word of God in churches all across the globe. Christians around the world had the chance to listen to his healing sermons and passionate religious lectures when he visited their parishes. Additionally, the Pastor was also honoured with the highly esteemed ‘Good Samaritan’ award in 2012 in recognition for his selfless humanitarian work in Lahore.

Unfortunately Pastor Hizkiel’s story now takes a sad turn as we remember the fateful day of 7th November 2017 when his car was involved in a tragic car accident along the journey from Faisalabad to Lahore. In spite of being rushed immediately to hospital, the Pastor’s extensive injuries as a result of the crash meant he was unable to survive this devastating event.

When Pastor Hizkiel Serosh’s death was made known to his followers through social media posts a wave of grief washed over Pakistan’s Christian community, and spread to all Christians across the world whose lives he had touched.

Few people in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have served the Lord Jesus Christ in the impassioned way that Pastor Hizkiel did. We now pay tribute to his memory and to the remarkable work he did for the international Christian community. Whilst the Pastor’s soul now rests with his Lord and Saviour, many of his disciples continue to keep his work alive through spreading the Word of God, sharing their love of Christ with others, and seeking to convert new Christians.

Pastor Hizkiel you are truly loved and missed by all. We thank you for setting a wonderful example to fellow Christians, and for the life changing work you completed in your lifetime. Amen.