Persecuted for Gospel´s Sake

Welcome to Jesus Christ for Muslims. My name is Mike and I’m so glad that you’re watching this video. Over the next few moments we’re going to talk about the persecuted church. If you’re watching this video, the chances are if you’re around the world you might be in a country that is persecuted for the gospel´s sake. May be its either illegal or against the law or not very popular to preach the gospel to talk about Jesus publicly. And I just want to encourage you and give you hope. I know that many of you watching this are struggling in secret, having a relationship with God under a bushel, undercover but I want to let you know today that there is a pastor from North Carolina praying for you and I want to let you know that Jesus Himself said to expect persecution.

Do not lose heart; do not lose your soul because Christ is still at work. Even though you might not see the results today, you’re planting seeds underground. The church that is underground is a seed underground and it is taking root. The words that you’re using, the sermons that you are using, the ministries that you’re doing, it is working underground. You might not be able to publicize it, it might not be public, people might be against you, you might be up against a great deal of opposition but opposition is just an indicator that you’re doing something right.

If you’re not upsetting anyone the chance are you’re not making a difference but if you have persecution, know this; Christ said that we would endure persecution but that He is still on the thrown and what you’re doing today and what you’re doing tomorrow is worth it and Christ is at work. I’m going to take a quick moment and pray for you to encourage you to keep going. The Bible says too “where do I look when I am in trouble.” Let’s look to the hills; where does our help comes from? Our help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth, so I’m going to take a moment and pray:

Lord I pray for my brothers and sisters watching this video right now, those that are struggling, that are persecuted, they feel pressure from the government, they feel pressure from their family, they feel pressure from law enforcement, they feel like they can’t expose the gospel that is in their heart and I just pray right now for their goodness and Your grace to protect them Lord, keep them safe as they walk ahead as they take steps forward that You would lead them and guide them, make them strong in You, may they know that you’re their source of strength, give them hope, give them grace and I pray that You would open doors that no man could shut in Jesus´ name Amen and amen

Thank you so much for watching Jesus Christ for Muslims. We will see you next time.

Pastor Mike Santiago

Focus Church, North Carolina, USA