Shedding light on the mystery of the Trinity

Welcome to Jesus Christ for Muslims. My name is Mike, and today for the next few moments I want to talk to you about the Trinity. God in 3 in 1. This could be a very complex topic that many Scholars and Theologians have discussed for many many years. I believe it to be one of the most incredible things about the nature of the God that we serve. That a God would come down to the earth through His son Jesus and then leave us an advocate through the Holy Spirit.

So maybe you are wondering what this God is and how does it work? Well, we believe there are 3 Gods in 1. God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. Now as an example for that I have an egg. I don´t know what colour the egg might be in your part of the world but here we are at today the eggs are brown. This is an egg and inside of it there is a yolk, that is the yellow part of the egg. Also inside there is egg white that is the white part. Whenever it is cooked there is a white part and a yellow part, and then on the outside there is a shell.

Is this an egg yolk? Yes, it is an egg yolk, the yellow part is in here. Is this an egg white? Yes, the egg white is also in here. Is this an egg shell? Yes, it is also an egg shell. Yet, though I can separate them into three different things like this, I can separate them into the shell, the yolk is in there, and egg white is still one egg.

I believe that the Trinity is the great example seeing here. This is still one egg yet it is in 3 parts. God exists for us not only as one God but in three different characteristics. God, the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. God the father is the creator of the earth; He was there when the earth didn´t even exist. He governs and reigns over the heavenliest and on earth. God the son is Jesus Christ so He sit down on the earth to save us for our sins, to rescue the entire world, and die on the cross, so you and I could be with God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit forever.

And once Jesus ascended back to the heaven after He died on the cross and rose again He left for us an advocate that is called the Holy Spirit. This is the third component of the Trinity. The component that is still here on earth today is the Holy Spirit. So that is a basic overview of the Trinity. And I just want to encourage you to believe in God, accept His son Jesus Christ and then walk daily by the power of His spirit. It’s a beautiful thing that we can do both, all three of these things, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God bless you. Thank you for watching.

Pastor Mike Santiago

Focus Church – North Carolina USA