Persecuted, Abandoned & Forgotten Christians of Pakistan

Persecuted, Abandoned and Forgotten Christians of Pakistan is a documentary about the pain and suffering of Christians in Pakistan. Pakistani Christians who represent 1.6% of the total population face persecution in many different forms every single day. Mostly it costs them their lives. The Muslim extremists are always looking for ways to discriminate them put them down or constantly force and threaten them to accept Islam. The Islamic extremism allows them to persecute and even kill anyone and everyone who is a non-believer and does not submit to Allah. Christians in Pakistan especially young girls are constantly at risk of being victimized through the injustice and abuse of Pakistan’s law. Pakistan has witnessed a rise in incidents involving physical abuse, false imprisonment, and even murder of Christians. The abduction, rape and forced marriage of Christian girls to convert them to Islam has become a disturbing trend among Pakistanis and everyday hundreds of girls are made victims of such barbarity and inhumane acts, and those who protest or raise against this ongoing barbarity are killed or forced to leave the country.