Persecution – No Surprise for Christians

Anyone, who has internet or television today can see the persecution that many Christians are experiencing. This is sad and this is very depressing to believers all over the world, to see their brothers and sisters being persecuted for their faith. However, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, as Jesus said if they hated me, they will hate you also. This is taking place today in many parts of the world, this is a sad reality, but we should also do something as Christians.

It´s not right that our brother and sisters are experiencing injustice as they give glory and praise to Jesus. I think it´s important that we support these people through our prayer, through our giving, and through our going. And you may be watching this today, and you may have experienced persecution. From the bottom of my heart I’m sorry that you´ve had to experience this, but I know that the glory of God is going to be displayed in your life, whether on this side of the eternity or on the next, it´ll be immensely greater than what you´ve experienced before.

And if anyone who is out there today may be experiencing persecution or you may have a heart for people who are going through this. I would like to just say a pray with you and for you, that the injustice that is taking place in your life, that the pain you´re feeling right now, won´t even be compared to the glory that you will experience in the life that is to come, let’s pray.

“Father, thank you for your grace, thank you that your grace gives us the ability to endure pain in this life, but then to experience glory in the next, I pray for the brothers and sisters all across the world, who are going through persecution right now, I ask God that your hand of protection, would guard them Father, that you would be in them right now, that they would sense security father by your grace and by your Holy Spirit, give them new revelation Lord, may they experience your glory like never before, in Jesus´ name. Amen.”

Anthony Santiago