Hope of Joy

Hope of Joy - Precious Christian Messages - Jesus Christ for Muslims

Psalm 126:5 – Those who weep while they plant will sing for joy while they harvest.

Today´s message is destined for people whose lives are clouded by grief and feelings of helplessness. God wishes to send a message of hope and joy to these sufferers and reassure them that their tears will not be infinite. If today they face hardships then tomorrow there will be happiness and reward.

Therefore do not give up or give in to feelings of hopelessness. Things may not improve immediately but remember God never abandons His followers.

Only He knows when is the right time for your hardships to end, He has a purpose and a plan for your life so be patient and your time to rejoice will come.

Through his Holy Scripture our loving Lord has promised us that those who sow with tears shall reap in joy. All we can do is believe in the Word of God. He always accompanies us on our journey so we must never show ingratitude or lose faith in Him. Amen.