Reward and punishment

Today’s message is about the reward and punishment. God gives us the reward for our good deeds in the same way He also punishes us for our bad deeds.

God says to men; be righteous and expect reward not from men but from your creator, the Heavenly Father. And indeed God rewards us for our righteousness in different ways. Similarly, God sees our sins as well and in order to bring us to the right path and for making us realize our mistakes He chastises us as well. That is why sometimes in life we suffer and face tribulations for them (although not all our sufferings are necessarily God chastisements).

Indeed, only God protects us. God feeds us like a child, cares for us and teaches us to walk in the right way. He does it all because He loves us immensely. But we should also stay away from such practices and bad habits that are contrary to the Word of God so that we can avoid the fire of hell. Amen.