Sects in Christianity – Dividing the Church of Christ

Sects in Christianity - Dividing the Church of Christ - Christian Denominations

Sects in Christianity – Dividing the Church of Christ

When asked about religion, we often find many Christians proudly correcting us for belonging to the Mormons, Catholics or the Evangelical faith. They don’t realize that they are giving the chance to the enemy to laugh at us. Why have we divided ourselves in such categories? Christ did not teach us to do that, right? It is only Satan who divides. Christianity is only about following the ways Christ taught us and to spread the message of cross. These denominations are only drawing us apart. Why create differences when we follow the same God and His teachings? We need to be united and forget our differences, since we know that our God is a living God and He has sent us on the earth for a reason.

This is not our church, Pastor’s church, or your church, but it is God’s church. Denominations are totally man-made, meaning that the thousands of churches are manmade, but the same goal of all is to know the love of Lord Jesus Christ. The church is not a building nor a denomination, but the Body of Christ. Wouldn’t Christ think of his followers antagonizing over (trivial) issues instead of looking for ways to be united? Can the Church of today claim to be like the early Christian Church? No. Why? Because MAN has introduced all kinds of doctrines into the Church over the centuries, doctrines that God never intended to introduce and create denominations. 

The reason for all the divisions is man following their own opinions and not the word of God. The church of Christ is commanded and exampled in the book of Acts and the Epistles so you could recognize THE CHURCH instead of lies. The church of Christ for which He died is the only true church and desires to be Biblical only.


We need to be unified in Spirit instead of pointing out our differences. We will be far from the word of God if we don’t halt our differences from growing. We need to learn to respect every other Christian’s relationship with God, their style of praying, their worshipping and their understanding. We need to embrace Christianity just as it is, without molding or exaggerating one or the other belief. If we continue seeing our differences and ignoring the true message, we will be producing many future satanic churches. Let us make Christianity one and allow the fire of Holy Spirit spread among non-believers through our unity and prayers.

Carolina Sanchez

Guadalajara – Mexico