My sister was burnt alive for calling “God” – Testimony of an ex-Muslim

Pastor Joshua John, An ex-Muslim, Islamic scholar shares his painful testimony about how the Islamic radicalism snatched his sister from him whose only crime was to utter the word “God” because of what she was burnt alive. After facing so much persecution and losing his sister Pastor Joshua John still loves Jesus Christ and dedicates the life to Him. He was ostracized by the society, abandoned by the family, and there was a clear threat to his life from the radical islamists who do not respect an individual´s right to religious freedom but following Islamic Sharia law they consider an apostate to ex muslims who have left Islam, and in Islam an apostate is supposed to be killed. Despite all those cruel and unnecessary punishments that he faced his faith never shattered, his love for Christ never decreased and he continued serving Lord in any manner that he could. Today he has lost everything, his family, his friends, his property, good life and especially his sister who he loved very much but he has no regrets as what he has found in life is more precious and valuable than the other things he could have, and that is Jesus Christ. This is how a Christian must react to the persecution because Bible says that those who will stand strong until the end will be given the reward, Amen.