Stop portraying Jesus as blood stained helpless man seeking help

Stop portraying Jesus as blood stained helpless man seeking help

There are many ignorant Christians among us whose daily task is to click like and type amen on the images which portray Jesus as a wounded helpless beggar. They don´t even bother to read or understand the full content of it before typing amen. My question to those Christians is that; who is Jesus Christ for you?”

Is it some kind of fun that you draw his picture as a suffering, wounded blood stained poor man seeking help, then write “Jesus” on that and then ask people to like it or type amen on it? This is ridiculous! Jesus is alive, He conquered death, and He was taken up to the Heaven in beautiful and spiritual circumstances. Despite knowing that don´t you feel ashamed to make such kind of images for our living Lord? Don´t you feel that by portraying Him as a poor beggar seeking help you are mocking your own almighty Lord?

Please understand that Jesus is our Savior and the Lord of this entire universe. Stop portraying Him as a blood stained man on cross, on streets, and forcing people on Facebook to like those offensive images. Those who make such images are definitely shameless illiterates but I am even more surprised on those who support such act by clicking like and typing amen on those images instead of boycotting those.

Our Lord is not a currently suffering, wounded, blood stained poor man crying out for help. It is my humble request to everyone that as much as possible please try to stop this trend, instead of liking such images ignore them. Jesus is not a toy or subject to make fun, on the contrary He is your creator, He doesn´t need your sympathy. Please learn how to respect your Lord.

If you truly want to promote Christianity then post the verses of Bible, let people know about the message of love and peace that Jesus has taught us, inform the world about the miracles that our Lord performed. That will be something truly appreciable.

One last thing; the word “Amen” means “So be it” which is used at the end of a prayer. That is why please stop abusing this word by using it anywhere everywhere, especially not on the images that are drawn with the purpose to insult Jesus Christ. Please get yourself well informed. Grow in Christ and glorify His name instead of setting a bad image for your faith.


Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia