The bloodthirsty Islamic mob in Pakistan searches for a Christian who married with a Muslim girl converted to Christianity

The bloodthirsty Islamic mob in Pakistan searches for a Christian who married with a Muslim girl converted to Christianity

Once again the Christian community in Pakistan is under attack. Once again several poor innocent Christian families are forced to leave their homes due to the fear of being killed or burnt alive.

Yesterday, on July 10th 2016 a Christian man named “Nadeem James” had been falsely accused of committing blasphemy in Gujrat´s Sarae Alamgir City. As usual the Muslim mob started searching for the blasphemer and rioting in the Yaqoobabad area of the city. Today the fact came into the light that what Nadeem actually did was not an act of insulting Prophet Muhammad or Islam directly or indirectly but his crime has been to marry with a Muslim girl who was clandestinely converted to Christianity and then married with Nadeem James.

Nadeem and His ex-Muslim wife both have gone into hiding. Due to the pressure from the Islamic fanatics police went to Nadeem´s home for arresting him but when he was not found, his 2 young sisters “Najma” & “Samreen” were taken into custody and dragged to the police station which is obviously an illegal and inhumane action from the police of Pakistan. But all what we can say about this is; Welcome to Pakistan. Such things can only happen in an illiterate radical Islamic society like Pakistan.

Qandeel JamesToday the drama continued as a local Pentecostal Pastor “Qandeel James” was arrested by the Punjab Police for he was the man who baptized the Muslim girl and made her married with Nadeem James. According to the Islamic Sharia law Nadeem James and Qandeel James both have committed the crime of blasphemy by manipulating a Muslim to abandon Islam and become an apostate. When the local Christians tried to approach Mr. Yaqoob Shehzad, the well-known priest of a local Catholic Church, the Church was found locked.

The entire Christian community of the area is frightened and worried about their safety. The false blasphemy accusation against Christians in Pakistan has become a daily entertainment show for the radical Muslims of Pakistan. May God defeat the devil which is persecuting our Christian brothers and sisters unnecessarily and May God protect our Christian community in Pakistan from any loss of lives. Please pray for the safety of Nadeem James and his wife who recently embraced Christ as her Savior. May God protect them in His comforting wings. Amen.