The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments

The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments - Jesus Christ for Muslims

“Reproduced with thanks from Rabbi etc, Frontpage Magazine”

In June of 2020 I outlined how self-proclaimed “progressives” are 0 for 10 when it comes to the Ten Commandments (see the article here). The emergence of the covid cult since then begs a look at how its devotees fare with these fundamental mitzvos. (Those who are members of both groups can go for a double whammy.)


1) I am the Lord your God.

This commandment is simply a declaration. The existence and rule of God is so apparent that it would be beneath Him to even command us to recognize it. God simply identifies Himself, and the obligation to recognize this most basic truth is self-understood.

Inductees into the covid cult must check their recognition of God at the door, assuming they ever recognized Him to begin with. There are certainly “religious” people who’ve joined the cult, but they recognize other authorities as their ultimate lords and masters, while shunting God to the side. These other authorities claim to speak on behalf of God, but in reality they seek to displace Him as the arbiters of objective truth and morality. They decide who shall live and who shall die. They decide whose right to earn a living is “essential” and who is a useless eater.

Covid cultists have been duped into believing that they cannot survive in this world unless they enslave themselves to medical diktats forever. God will not protect them any other way. The wonderful body in which He placed our soul cannot remain healthy any other way. Therefore, no one has the right to rely on God and the wonderful body He created for us in His infinite wisdom. We must have other lords watching us and ruling over us at all times in order to survive.

To covid cultists, God has no practical role in our lives, and might as well be referred to as God Emeritus.


2) You shall not have any other gods. You shall not make an image and worship it.

Even those who retain a vestige of reliance on God have subordinated themselves to other gods as well. In addition to the aforementioned lords and masters, they worship the god of “science”. This is not the science of God’s nature, but the science of replacing nature with artificial substitutes. It is the science of singing hymns to vaccines and performing pagan rituals.

Then there are masks, which also have their roots in ancient idolatry. Covid cultists believe masks will ward off illness, even though they obviously cannot, and in fact harm people in many ways. The mere image of masks on people’s faces gives covid cultists a feeling of safety and security. They wear masks even when it makes no sense according to their own science fiction. They shriek in terror and boil with rage when they encounter a bare human face – the one that was created in the image of God.


3) You shall not invoke My name falsely / in vain.

Covid cultists invoke God’s name only for the purpose of whitewashing their cultish behavior. Their faith in God has been co-opted by charlatans who berate them with religious rhetoric and refuse to take questions. God wants them to listen to everything the “experts” say, proclaim the false prophets who are on the payroll of these same “experts”. These wretched phonies have said that even if the crapcines kill tens of millions of people – more than we lost in the Holocaust – we still must take it, for the great rabbis have spoken! That is God’s will!

Those who are truly connected to God immediately recoil from this corruption of His word. If God is our Lord, we have blind obedience for no one, certainly not those who command us to abandon truth and life in God’s name.


4) Observe the Sabbath.

The essence of Shabbos is recognizing that God created the world and is the Master of all creation. Clearly this is incompatible with the covid cult.

False prophets have taken it a step further and encouraged Jews to violate Shabbos to take the shots. Jewish law allows one to violate Shabbos to save a life. The false prophets urge us to violate Shabbos to sabotage a life.


5) Honor your father and mother.

Covid cultists threw this one right out the window. It’s not enough that they cajoled and pressured their parents to take death shots. The most devoted cultists have cut ties with parents who refuse to take the shots. This is not tough love, but cruel emotional abuse. (They will be betrayed in turn by their own children, if they all live long enough.)


6) Do not murder.

No commentary necessary.


7. Do not commit adultery.

This one is admittedly a bit of a stretch, but not too much. Shmuel I 2:22 states that the sons of Eli, the Kohen Gadol, slept with the women who brought sacrifices to the Mishkan. Chazal teach us that they did not literally commit such a grievous sin. However, they delayed the sacrifices of women who had recently given birth, which caused the women to remain separated from their husbands without justification. The Torah therefore condemns them as if they committed adultery.

The high priests of the covid cult have destroyed marriages and broken up families in many ways. If the sons of Eli can be likened to adulterers, the cultists are like serial rapists.


8. Do not steal.

The high priests have stolen our freedoms, including the ability of so many people to earn a living. They have imposed fines for breaking their tyrannical rules, raised taxes to bleed the people dry, and even imprisoned people in “hotels” and “camps” at their own expense. They have also created shortages of basic supplies and caused extreme inflation. They have made it impossible for the average person to get by, and they have done it on purpose.

There is another level to this. Chazal teach that this commandment is really referring not to stealing money, but stealing people – kidnapping, enslavement, and human trafficking. The high priests of the covid cult have essentially turned our lands into large prisons, where all our movements are restricted. They have turned ordinary citizens and normal human behavior into criminal offenses. Is arresting ordinary people for engaging in normal human behavior, forcibly taking them away, and imprisoning them not a violation of this commandment?

Chazal teach us that this is a capital offense.

This is irrespective of the credible accusations that the high priests of the covid cult engage in real human trafficking, with a special interest in children…


9. Do not bear false witness against your fellow.

Conspiracy theorist. Anti-vaxxer. Anti-science. Not listening to the rabbis. Ignorant. Selfish. Crazy. Liar. Not credible. Baseless. Spreading misinformation. Murderer. Terrorist.

Did I miss any?


10. Do not covet your fellow’s possessions.

You will own nothing, and they will be happy.

In sum, covid cultists strike out on all of the Ten Commandments. These include the most fundamental crimes against God and Man, upon which all of civilization rests. Those who have been ensnared by this cult must abandon it and return to God. Those who run the cult must be exposed and brought down.

Then there will be true joy upon the earth.