The life of those accused of blasphemy in Pakistan – By Professor Salamat Akhtar

The honorable professor Salamat Akhtar, chairman All Pakistan Christian League, shares his views through this video about how Christians in Pakistan are harassed, tortured and killed on daily basis under the pretext of the unjust and senseless blasphemy law. The following are professor Salamat Akhtar´s words which show the urgent need of working for the betterment of the Christian minority in Pakistan and protect them from the increasing religious intolerance:

  • “They (Muslims) don´t wait for the process, they kill people at the spot, they burn them, they destroy them, they ruin Christian lives, and they ruin life of other people. Not only dozens but hundreds of cases are there. We know the misuse of the blasphemy law as we have seen so many people being killed. 8 people were killed in Gojra case, 2 people have been recently killed due to blasphemy law in Kot Radha Kishan in Kasur near Lahore, and some people are killed even in police stations and jails where they were not spared. The blasphemy law of Pakistan is cruelly misused.”