The Starvation of the Christians and Hindus in Pakistan

The Starvation of the Christians and Hindus in Pakistan - CoronaVirus

Christians and other minorities in Pakistan face starvation as they are denied food aid for refusing to convert to Islam.

Islamic foundations that are well-funded by Pakistan’s government force them to embrace Islam. Otherwise, they cannot receive aid during this coronavirus pandemic.  Especially Christians and Hindus face extreme discrimination in Pakistan.

Saylani Welfare International Trust refused to distribute food among Christians and Hindus. The Trust reportedly claimed that religious minorities were excluded from aid under Sharia law, the strict interpretation of Islam.

“Some 70 percent of the Christians scrape by with hard labour on their daily wages,” he explained. “They now face a dire situation where they cannot even afford to fulfil the basic needs of their families. The only option for food is if they accept Islam.”

These people are our brothers and sisters.  Please help them.  All money donated through our website will go to these people to buy food to save their lives. 

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Graham Ford
President – Jesus Christ for Muslims