Time to Repent

Time to Repent - How to Repent as a Christian - repentance and forgiveness

God is an almighty, all-knowing God, and He knows what is best for us all. He has never made an unjust decision, nor has He ever given an unjust command. God is always right. That is why He is also right in commanding all men to REPENT of their sins.

  • In Luke 13:3, the Lord Jesus Christ said, “…except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”
  • In Acts 17:30 we are told that God COMMANDS all men everywhere to REPENT.

God’s word states that we are all sinners by nature (Rom. 3:23; Psalm 51:5), and that we can only be cleansed from our sins by repenting of them and turning to Jesus Christ for Salvation.

  • Hebrews 7:25 – Jesus is able to save to the uttermost (completely) those who come to God through Him.

Sometimes people fear that they have committed some sins that can never be forgiven. This is true only for sins of which we do not repent. But if we are willing to totally turn from our sin and come to Jesus for forgiveness according to the Gospel, He is able to save us completely.

Sometimes people follow the Gospel in order to be forgiven. Yet, their consciences still bother them. They fear they are still going to be punished despite receiving forgiveness. True, there are sometimes consequences for our sins that carry over in this life. And we will always regret the fact that we committed that sin. But once the sin is forgiven, we are saved completely. There is simply no more guilt before God.

  • Romans 8: Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

You and I need salvation through Jesus Christ. No other power in the world can save us from sin. Without Him, we are powerless. Only His power can save all people from the eternal consequences of all our sins. But for that, we must first repent and surrender ourselves to Jesus Christ.