What makes Muslims stick with Islam?

What makes Muslims stick with Islam? This is a frequently asked question by many of us. Islam is one of the most controversial ideologies on this planet. Muslim Jihadis are involved in terrorism around the globe and the image of Islam is at the lowest right now. Despite all that why do Muslims still cling with Islam? Why can´t they take a step towards freedom? Are they obliged to follow Islam by the society? Does the family force them to be a Muslim? Are they afraid of being tortured and killed by fanatic Muslims who may kill them for apostasy? This is an unsolved riddle for all of us. Today Pastor Joshua John, who himself is an ex Muslim from Pakistan, explains us the reason behind the dilemma Muslims face in that situation. According to him many Muslims pretend to be muslims as a social and cultural obligation and if they decide to abandon Islam that can be resulted into the death in different forms.

Only those Muslims who have left the Islamic territories mostly dare to declare publicly their apostasy from Islam as if they do so while being in Islamic nations they will be executed under the Islamic Sharia law which forbids the conversion from Islam to any other faith.