Who is our Lord; God or Allah?

Who is our Lord God or Allah - Is Allah of Islam the same as Yahweh of Christianity

This is a question for those Christians living in Islamic countries who utter the word “Allah” frequently in their daily life. For being Christians are they supposed to call the word Allah instead of God? Many Christians living in Islamic nations have forgotten their God while appeasing Muslims and their Allah. I feel extremely surprised when I see them uttering the following phrases:

  • If Allah willing
  • Allah will do it
  • Oh my Allah!
  • Allah be with you
  • Praise Allah etc.

I would like to humbly ask them: who is Allah? Is he your creator? Is he your Savior? Does Allah´s name appear somewhere in the Bible? Many Christian may say that God is only one and mankind has given him different names. For those ignorant Christians I would like to mention the following verse of Quran:

Verse 47 (Muhammad) chapter 19: “So know that there is no god but Allah”

Quran makes it very clear that there is no God but only Allah, then why many ignorant Christians still consider God same as Allah? Do Muslims believe that Jesus was crucified? Does Quran confirm the fact that Jesus is Son of God? Did Allah ever say to Muslims that Jesus will provide them the salvation? The answer to all the previously asked questions is “NO”.  Then why are we so busy in appeasing Islam and Muslims who humiliate us for being followers of Christ, who call us untouchables for having Christian identity, who abuse verbally our God, and burn our Bibles and crosses on daily basis?

I am not saying that don´t be nice with Muslims neither I am asking you to hurt their religious sentiments but at least the minimum you can do for your Lord is that don´t make any self-proclaimed prophet or Allah (invented by Human) superior to Jesus. Please stop doing things which let your Lord down. Your creator and the only source of salvation is Jesus Christ, not Allah. Love Muslims; make reach the Good News of Salvation among them but don´t compromise your faith for personal interests or temporary good relations on the earth. You should be proud on calling yourself Christian no matter how much you have to suffer for that. Jesus Christ has said:

Matthew 24:13: but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved



Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia