Who is your savior! Dead Muhammad or Living Jesus?

Who is your savior! Dead Muhammad or Living Jesus? This is a question for the Muslims who believe that they are going to acheive the salvation by following the path that Muhammad has  shown them. but don´t they realize that Prophet Muhammad is dead and he was not even sure about his own salvation as it is written in Surah Al Ahqaf 46:9? How can he get Muslims the salvation when he himself was a sinner and he admitted from his own tongue that he doesn´t know what his fate is.

On the other hand there is Jesus Christ who is a living God and has assured the salvation to His followers. Jesus Christ was not a sinner like Muhammad neither Jesus is dead. He is a living God and the only true source of salvation. Now the decision is yours whether by following Muhammad you want to regret on the day of Judgment when it will be already too late or do you want to accept Jesus as your Savior and assure your place into the eternal life. The decision is yours but the time to decide is now. Don´t let the doors get closed.