Why follow Jesus and not some other god?

Why follow Jesus when I have my own God who is called Allah? Why should I follow Jesus when I love my prophet Muhammad? Why should I follow a book calls Bible when Allah and Prophet Muhammad have asked me to follow Quran which is the only true and authentic religious scripture? Why should I go to Church when I am asked to go to mosque by my family? Why should I believe that Jesus is God when at the same time Christians say that He was human as well? Why follow Jesus when I do not believe in the concept of Trinity?

These are the common questions which we Christians are often asked by Muslims. Many times or better say often we are confused how to respond these questions and how to convince Muslims that no other God but only Jesus can provide them salvation. Sometimes it seems like a daylight dream to convince a Muslim that all other who called themselves God or so called Prophets are dead or disappeared but the only one who is alive is Jesus, the only one who assured salvation is Jesus, and the only one who is sinless is Jesus.

Today Pastor David Santiago from International Church Madrid explains us; why to consider Christ our only true savior, and why follow Jesus and why not some other god?