Why on earth are you here?

A few years ago, my father was in line at an immigration center, and he was trying to renew his visa papers, and he had to wake up at around 4 o’clock in the morning to get in this line that was outside. It was very cold, very dark and a bunch of grumpy people were just in line, and he was in a different country from that which he was born and as he was standing in line there was a gentlemen in front of my father and he looked back at my father holding his documents and he noticed that my father had an American passport and the gentlemen looked confused a bit frustrated and simply asked my father why on earth are you here? And my dad mentioned you know I’m here to renew my visa but the man was even more confused and more perplexed then he said; no really why are you here in this country? You could be in The United States of America right now your economy is just fine, the weather is just fine over there, I am sure you have family there. Why on earth are you in this country here with us waiting in line at 4 o’clock in the morning?

And as I thought about that scenario and that man’s questions to my father “why are you here?” I find that we should often times ask that questions of Jesus. See! We have to understand that Jesus He existed before the world began. Jesus was with His father, Jesus was existing in eternity, Jesus was God himself. Yet! On one day John records this in John chapter 1 verse 14. He says that the word became flesh and dwelled among us and we have seen His Glory and I often want to ask Jesus the same question that the man asked my father; Jesus why on earth are you here why did you leave where you were in heaven why did you leave where you were with the father to come be with a bunch of sinners, with a bunch of corrupt human beings why on earth would you do that?

John makes it very clear later on in the same chapter that Jesus, the word became flesh so that we might became children of God and that is why now I understand that the word decided to leave the father, decided to leave eternity, decided to leave where he was to come be with human beings and so that we might as human beings have that same relation with the father that Jesus once had, so my question to you is have you asked Jesus the question why on earth did you come here and how do you know what that answer is? the fact that you are to now become a child of God as a result of the word becoming flesh.

Pastor Anthony Santiago