Blaming God for Temptation!

Many people find ways to excuse sin, indirectly blaming God, saying; “The Lord led me to do it.” Committing sin is bad enough, but becomes much worse when God is charged with it.

We can be tempted to evil because we lack wisdom, spiritual power and purity, but God lacks none of these things. There is no way for Satan to take hold of God or to tempt Him.

What we Christians must learn is that God does not lead us to sin. The Apostle James clearly condemns the attitude of blaming God in tempting circumstances, in James 1:13-15 which says;

When someone is tempted, he should not say, “I am being tempted by God,” because God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone. Instead, each person is tempted by his own desire, being lured and trapped by it. When that desire becomes pregnant, it gives birth to sin; and when that sin grows up, it gives birth to death.

God may test His children, a process designed to purify and strengthen them, but He does not lead them into sin. Without exception, sin results when temptation strikes a sympathetic chord in the human heart, and man has no one to blame but himself.