God’s Everlasting Word

God’s Everlasting Word - All about the Word of God - Jesus Christ for Muslims

Isaiah 40:8 – Grass withers and flowers fade away when the Lord’s breath blows on them, but the word of our God will stand forever.”

Today’s beautiful verse refers to the power and importance of God’s Word. It exposes how nothing in this mortal world is a permanent state with the image of “Grass withers”.  The world in which we live is a temporary one, with its inhabitants transitory and environment ever changing. As human beings we all one day will leave behind this temporary world just as the flowers also fade away and die over time.

What is eternal however is the Word of our Lord.  Anything and all that He says will remain preserved and alive forever.  God’s Word is a fountain of everlasting life.

One day our mortal world will reach its end, yet the Holy Word of our Lord will forever prevail.  For this reason dear Christian brothers and sisters you must live your life according to the Scriptures and follow God’s word in all that you do. It is the only way to walk His path to eternal life. Amen.