How correct it is to celebrate Jesus´ birth on December 25th?

I have some crazy news for you. Jesus was most likely not born on December 25th. Now, I know you are probably perplexed and maybe a little concerned or frustrated. In fact, when people realize that Jesus was most likely not born on December 25th they suggest us getting rid of Christmas altogether, that there… Continue reading How correct it is to celebrate Jesus´ birth on December 25th?

The door of temptation

This may sound quite obvious to you, but you and I are not God. We are human beings and with being human beings we exist with a sinful nature. We are not invincible, we are very susceptible to sin and the doorway to sin is temptation. And it’s important that us as Christians or us… Continue reading The door of temptation

God´s Creation – Man´s Responsibility

Genesis 1:1 reads; “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth”. Now Christians, they genuinely care about their relationship with God. Obviously they devote much of their time to Sunday worship or to reading scriptures or to prayer or to fellowship with other believers. And this is all good. We are supposed to… Continue reading God´s Creation – Man´s Responsibility

Happy Easter 2019

One of the most incredible things that Jesus ever did in His life here on earth was being resurrected from the dead. Was His crucifixion important? Absolutely! it was to forgive our sins and that is an important aspect of the Christian salvation message. However, if Jesus would have remained dead, Christianity itself would have… Continue reading Happy Easter 2019

When to speak up against sin?

The book of James says something pretty spectacular and when I read it, it’s quite convicting. It reads; anyone who fails to do the good that he knows he should do, that man sins. In that sense, if you know that you are supposed to be doing something and you recognize it but fail to… Continue reading When to speak up against sin?

Eternal Nature of Christ

When it comes to authors writing biographies or autobiographies, they all have to choose a starting point as to when they want to introduce the person that they are talking about. And this is not different when it comes to Jesus. In the Bible we have 4 biographies of Jesus. They are referred to as… Continue reading Eternal Nature of Christ