The door of temptation

This may sound quite obvious to you, but you and I are not God. We are human beings and with being human beings we exist with a sinful nature. We are not invincible, we are very susceptible to sin and the doorway to sin is temptation. And it’s important that us as Christians or us… Continue reading The door of temptation

How to resist temptation?

How to resist temptation? As Christians we will one day be in heaven, in the physical realm with God. We´ll have perfect bodies, we won’t sin, we won’t have sadness, it will be complete joy and complete worship to Jesus. However, while we remain on earth, there is this thing called “temptation” and this thing… Continue reading How to resist temptation?

Path of Righteousness

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Today we´ll read from the Word of God “3 John chapter 1 verse 11” “Beloved, do not imitate evil but imitate good. Whoever does good is from God; whoever does evil has not seen God.” May we all be blessed by reading and listening the Word of God. Today´s message teaches… Continue reading Path of Righteousness

Blaming God for Temptation!

Many people find ways to excuse sin, indirectly blaming God, saying; “The Lord led me to do it.” Committing sin is bad enough, but becomes much worse when God is charged with it. We can be tempted to evil because we lack wisdom, spiritual power and purity, but God lacks none of these things. There… Continue reading Blaming God for Temptation!

What the Bible teaches and warns us about temptation

Satan and his demons stalk the path of every believer, offering all manner of incitements to lure the Christian away from an obedient and faithful walk with Christ. No one is exempt from satanic attacks, and no one is completely successful in countering them, but some Christians succumb to temptation so often that they see no hope for victory.… Continue reading What the Bible teaches and warns us about temptation

Sects in Christianity – Dividing the Church of Christ

Sects in Christianity – Dividing the Church of Christ When asked about religion, we often find many Christians proudly correcting us for belonging to the Mormons, Catholics or the Evangelical faith. They don’t realize that they are giving the chance to the enemy to laugh at us. Why have we divided ourselves in such categories?… Continue reading Sects in Christianity – Dividing the Church of Christ